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Snowboard on Snow



Skiing is one of the prime attractions of Kashmir. Gulmarg is considered as the best ski resort in the Himalayas. You can ski in the snow-clad mountains of Gulmarg especially during winters to get an amazing experience. There are trainers for all levels of skiers across the world who will offer training to tourists. If skiing through the white snow has been one of your dreams, then Kashmir is the perfect destination for you. 



The Vale of Kashmir have multiplicity of treks to explore, the large portion of Kashmir valley is forests, mountains, Glacier, and lakes which produce natural environment for outdoor activities. Kashmir is a complete package for adventure lovers. Kashmir presents four Season Sightseeing and trekking itineraries for summer, spring, autumn and winter.

The chilly mountain breeze drifting over the rich meadows and the lofty snow-covered hills reflecting on the shimmering lakes are the ideal flavors of natural combination that makes Kashmir one of the amazing destination to travel in the Himalaya region. The traveler just cannot pack their bag for a relaxing getaway in Kashmir, where it offers lots of jaw-dropping activities from exhausting treks to river rafting. It arrests the mind of adventure junkies who seek for such adventure activities in Kashmir. River rafting in Kashmir is one such exciting activity that fills the day with the slashing moments.



This enthralling experience is what the Gondola rides provide tourists. So, this sure cannot be missed from your travel itinerary. Gondola cable car was originally devised to make the higher mountains accessible to the skiers in a more comfortable way. Gondola, however, became more popular among the tourists and it is the prominent attraction of the Gulmarg and the prime reason of people visiting this resort. This is also an alternate option of going up the higher slopes for those who cannot afford heli-skiing.

There are numerous sledging and skiing stations to descend the snow to embrace the thrill and excitement. Sledging on those snowy slopes by the prickling calling mountain rivers, this adventure ride is something an enthusiast like you can't miss. At these stations, many sled enthusiasts ride in unison, and the excitement is very soothing, like those races that kids used to play in school times. The locals with the traditional phyaran costume accompany the tourists and ride with them. The sledge made of thick wood carries on with a layer of warm fur cloth that provides comfort to the riders. 



An All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) is an open-air motorized off-highway vehicle designed especially for offroad lovers to enjoy offroad activities. If you’re someone who feels that life’s all about taking the road not taken or wanted to feel the adrenaline of ATV riding then an ATV might be what you need. ATV Rides are quite popular when it comes to Gulmarg. Many people travel just to be able to enjoy ATV rides on snow in winter and lush green mountains in summer.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t like the thrill of skiing, then fear not as you’ll still be able to enjoy snow biking here. There’s enough equipment to enjoy yourself. Over the past few years, the Tourism Department introduced snow scooters and bikes for tourists in Gulmarg, which remains under a thick blanket of snow in winters and abuzz with activities of domestic and foreign skiers. Though these bikes and scooters, which ply over the icy slopes of Gulmarg, make tourists jubilant but it is also posing threat to the fragile ecology.



Helicopter Ride is an incredible and unforgettable experience! The Himalayas are remarkably known as the worlds highest and steep mountains which gives access to ride thousands of Ski vertical meters. Our locals and international guides are highly experienced with decades of guiding experience in the Himalayas and Heli Adventure Tours.

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